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Hi! Welcome to the MailtoMutt website.

MailtoMutt is a very simple application which hanldles mailto urls like this one, and hands them off to the Mutt MUA. Some of the source is based on ed2k Helper (moreover, Yann, the author, is to blame for inspiring Yuval to start writing MailtoMutt), and some code was stolen from the iJournal project, too. MailtoMutt is our first Objective-C/Cocoa application.

Note: Versions prior to 0.3 had a vulnerability where maliciously formed URLs could cause a remote execution of shell commands. No characters were escaped before being passed to the shell, so a URL like "; echo $$" would cause the shell to echo it's process number after mutt executed. Ofcourse, this could have much worse implications.
Thanks to Ralph Pöllath for spotting this serious issue.

MailtoMutt now has it's own home on, where CVS is browsable, and file releases will be made. Currently working on the project are André Bonhôte and Yuval Kogman. If there's you have trouble, bug reports, patches or fanmail, the sourceforge project page is a good starting place.

Version 0.4.1 has been released, and can be downloaded from the sourceforge project file list.

Our plans for the future include some preferences to control MailtoMutt's behavior (whether it's hidden in the dock, what path mutt has, if it quits right after performing it's duty), as well as Apple Script support (mostly for the learning), which should help emulate compatibility with For queries, hints, bugs or gifts, conctact the developers using one of the mailing lists on sourceforge.

The mutt in the icon is Yuval's dog, Maggie, and just FYI, her right ear (our left) is prosthetic. Well, not really. It's only in this image, because in the original photo her ear is hidden behind the door to our back porch. The stamp is a picture of a dead Czech mathematician, Yuval forgets who. The rest of the icon isn't as interesting.

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